Traditionalism/Christian Humanism

What follows is a library of texts that present what may, perhaps imperfectly, be labeled Anglo-North American “Christian Humanism” or “Traditionalist Conservatism.” Authors are listed alphabetically, and chronologically begin in the 16th century with Richard Hooker into the early 21st century via Roger Scruton. Many of these writers are obviously indebted to the Classical authors and many medieval and Renaissance thinkers, and interested readers should certainly pursue the works of those writers, as well as an in-depth study of the Scriptures and the Church Fathers.

While two of the authors–Eric Voegelin and Alexis de Tocqueville–are continental Europeans, they are both significantly associated with the Anglo-American conservative tradition because of varying historical and biographical circumstances that produced significant portions of their work, and are thus here included (Belloc and Santayana were born on the Continent, but were raised as an Englishman and an American, respectively).

Links to individual works provide either a pdf of a work in the public domain or a link to purchase a copy of the work. If the work is out of print, but still appears to be under copyright, the link is to WorldCat, which will direct you to libraries holding that work.

It should be noted that I have not read all of these works–very, very far from it–but doing so is part of a larger intellectual project I hope to complete throughout the rest of my 30s.

Readers are encouraged to suggest additions to this list; I am especially interested in the ways in which black conservatisms fit into this broader tradition. Suggestions are appreciated via email: matt AT wmatthewjsimmons DOT info

Insofar as I am aware, all pdfs linked are either in the public domain or presented as fair-use under the copyright laws of the United States. I am happy to remove any pdfs if I am mistaken; rights-holders should contact me via email: matt AT wmatthewjsimmons DOT info

Library of Anglo-North American Christian Humanism/Traditionalist Conservatism

Adams, Henry

Adams, John

Arnold, Matthew

Babbitt, Irving

Barfield, Owen

Belloc, Hillaire

Berry, Wendell

Burke, Edmund

Carlyle, Thomas

Chesterton, G.K.

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Davidson, Donald

Dawson, Christoper

Disraeli, Benjamin (Earl of Beaconsfield)

Eliot, T.S.

Forsey, Eugene

Grant, George

Hooker, Richard

Hulme, T.E.

Kirk, Russell

Lewis, C.S.

More, Paul Elmer

Newman, Cardinal John Henry

Nisbet, Robert

Oakeshott, Michael

Randolph (of Roanoke), John

Ransom, John Crowe

Ruskin, John

Santayana, George

Savile, George (Marquess of Halifax)

  • The Character of a Trimmer
  • A Character of King Charles II
  • Maxims of State 
    • All of these works, along with several others, are included in the 1912 edition of the Complete Works

Scruton, Sir Roger

St. John, Henry (Viscount Bolingbroke)

  • Letters on the Study of History
  • True Use of Retirement
  • The Patriot King
  • The Spirit of Patriotism

Tate, Allen

de Tocqueville, Alexis

Viereck, Peter

Voegelin, Eric

  • The Political Religions
  • The New Science of Politics
  • Science, Politics, and Gnosticism

Warren, Robert Penn

Weaver, Richard