Christian Resources

The drop-down menu above provides a set of resources for the Christian life, created/adapted by me. While anyone may possibly find them useful, the were created for use in my own family, and thus presuppose that one is already a believer. These are not, then, apologetic or evangelistic resources.

Theological Background/Caveat: I am a Christian, a Protestant. When I came back to the faith in my late 20s, I came via a Methodist church to which a friend and colleague invited me. That, combined with my (still-extant) inability to rectify election unto perdition with Scripture, led me to think of myself as an Arminian. A few years later, I admit significant confusion about the mechanics of soteriology–especially with distinctions between monergism and synergism, and doubly especially with the expression of the beliefs of Jacobus Arminius one sees in various theological camps; for example, those who call themselves “Reformed Arminians” or “Classical Arminians” argue he is but a hair’s breadth from Calvin, Calvinists suggest he is on the way to Rome, and liberal Protestants and Open Theists use him as one of the sources for their (to my mind heterodox) thinking. I thus do not know if I can accurately label myself an Arminian, and also find myself deeply conflicted about my place within the Methodist church, for a variety of theological reasons.

Despite these confusions, I can unambiguously proclaim belief in:

  • The three ecumenical creeds–the Apostles’, Nicene, and Athanasian.
  • Original Sin and Total Depravity
  • That salvation comes only through faith in the free gift of God’s grace

In recent years, I’ve become attracted to Anglicanism, and find myself largely in agreement with its Thirty-Nine Articles (while recognizing that, as a citizen of the North American Republic, Article XXXVII is superfluous in my context). Bishop Peter Robinson describes something called “Central Churchmanship,” and that fairly accurately describes my position.

Description of the Resources:

  • An order for family morning and evening prayer.
  • A small catechism and two orders of instruction in the faith, adapted for use in families.
  • An ordo kalendar of celebrations, commemorations, and times of fasting used in our family.
  • A brief collection of lives of saints and exemplary Christians.
  • A rule of life for our family.