Daybook, St. Andrew Eve 2016

It’s St. Andrew Eve on the Western Kalendar; in 21st century America, it’s also something called “Giving Tuesday,” a charitable response to the year-end consumerist latter-day traditions of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.” Quite apropos, I commend to you a … Continue reading

Daybook, 17 November 2016

Once again, I re-begin the Daybook. Today, we commemorate Hugh, the Bishop of Lincoln, one of my favourites in the Great Cloud of Witnesses. Readings: Channeling Eliot’s “Tradition and the Individual Talent,” Webster Young explores what has happened to all … Continue reading

Daybook, 19 September 2016

Readings: Charles R. Woods, the autodidact of the Maryland Penitentiary System Sir Roger Scruton on social media, screen-mediated friendship, and the loss of the “I & I” Sir Philip Sidney on leaked emails The Greek Sophist Libanius (Λιβάνιος) on farming, … Continue reading