Daybook, 21 May 2015

Yesterday, my wife and I had our first ultrasound. Seeing our baby in there suddenly made everything incredibly real; Meredith joked and said, “Now, it’s like I realize I’m actually pregnant. It’s not that I’ve been eating a lot of … Continue reading

Daybook, 20 May 2015

Today, the Church celebrates Alcuin, who did more to preserve and pass down the traditions and thoughts of Roman Antiquity than perhaps any other single person. He is a superb example of scholarship done for the common good, as well … Continue reading

Daybook, 15 May 2015

Today (transferred from yesterday because of Ascension), vast swaths of Christendom (especially those with monastic traditions) celebrate the life of St. Pachomius, the traditional founder of communal monasticism. Monasticism has always been something deeply attractive to me, though I doubt … Continue reading