Daybook, 16 June 2017

Getting into the weeds with some intellectual/academic work I’m doing, and will be working on the rest of the summer. I took a little time a day or two back and finished up (insomuch as anything of this sort can … Continue reading

Daybook, 17 May 2017

Readings: Rusty Reno considers the politics of the current day as a rejection of the metaphysical poverty of a world governed by technocratic elites and a desired re-embrace of the “strong gods” of place, loyalty, and nation–in short, of making … Continue reading

Daybook, 16 May 2017

Been away for a long time. Let’s just get back to the joys of publishing a Daybook somewhat regularly. Readings: Harry Crews, my kind of literature professor. I mean that sincerely, and not the larger-than-life antics. Rather, his sermonic intensity, … Continue reading

Daybook, 9 February 2017

April in February continues, though today is cooler (with blustery winds blowing) than it has been in several days. Nevertheless, it is a positively lovely day, and I’m sitting here listening to Haydn’s The Seasons oratorio, preparing to teach Henry … Continue reading

Daybook, 13 January 2017

Friday the 13th. As I understand it, “13” is considered an unlucky number because Caesar lead the Legio XIII Gemina across the Rubicon, and it was thus with the 13th legion that the Roman Republic was effectively destroyed. I’ve also … Continue reading