Daybook–13th July 2016

Readings: Lord Acton, de Tocqueville, and the tension inherent in defining the conservative The struggles and successes of an attempt at defining “black conservatism” The rationality of belief “…the coming-to-the-end-of-things feeling that haunts seasides…” In praise of minor literature The … Continue reading

Daybook, 11th July 2016

Spent a lot of the weekend thinking and reading about beauty and faithfulness. Today’s Daybook reflects such things. Readings: As I’ve stated before, a man who increasingly positions himself as an intellectual hero of mine is John Randolph of Roanoke. … Continue reading

Daybook, 8th July 2016

Another heavy heart this morning. Police killed in Dallas, and I’ve had a sick feeling in my stomach for the last twelve hours (I slept rather restlessly) that there’s….something….coming. We’re reaching a tipping point, it seems, at which America must … Continue reading